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What is Arcadia?

Arcadia is the most exclusive event on the wrestling calendar this year, and beyond.

It is the destination and the apex of any wrestler's career, even if they're yet to fully realize it.

Arcadia takes the top tier wrestlers, the best across any and all organizations, to a secluded private island in the Maldives for a three day spectacular event that the world have been clamoring for. And in January 2023, they'll see it.

But will your favorite talent experience it?

From the chauffeured limousine ride to the red carpet arrival event in Manhattan's One World Observatory, the participants will be front and center in a decadent display of the lifestyle that their hard work has earned them. Following the welcome reception at the top of New York’s tallest and most emotive building, our athletes will be transported by a fleet of private jets directly to the secret private island in the Indian subcontinent, with all of their desired comforts to hand.

The esteemed wrestler that values comfort, luxury, recovery and meditation is the type of athlete that would see the value in this all-inclusive no-expense spared bespoke getaway tailored exactly to their needs.

For the type of ambitious superstar that this event will attract, there is nothing more alluring than topping off the experience of a lifetime with the chance to throw down and establish themselves as the elite of the elite, the top dog.

Who they fight, and where they appear on the final showcase, will entirely depend on the tier of ticket they are able to obtain. The list of matches will be revealed to the wrestlers and the watching public at the same time - the start of the show.

Attending Arcadia in person is not an option. The private island within the archipelago of the Maldives is only big enough for the 18 athletes and the necessary Arcadia Consortium officials and service staff that will bring this incredible event to life.

The World Exclusive live broadcast is brought to you in partnership with the number one broadcaster in sport, The SPLAT! Network, on January 13th, 14th and 15th at 5pm Eastern Time.

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